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2 - El Padre Antonio y el Monaguillo Andres


Music and lyrics: Rubén Blades
Father Antonio Texeira came from Spain
Searching for new promises in this land.
He got to the jungle without any hope of becoming a bishop
and in spite of the heat and the mosquitoes he talked about Christ.

The priest didn’t  do well at the Vatican
among papers and air conditioned dreams,
so he went to a small town in the middle of nowhere to give his weekly sermon
for those in search for salvation.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh...

Andrés Eloy Pérez is 10 years - old
He attends  “Simon Bolívar “ elementary school
He still cannot recite the Holy Creed properly
he loves the river, playing soccer and playing hooky

He’s been given the task of altar boy at the Church
with the hope that this connection will “fix him”
and his family is very proud because they also believe
that once you have one connected to God, by default you connect them as well.

Bells are tolling one, two, three,
of Father Antonio and his altar boy Andrés
Bells are tolling again, oh oh oh,
of Father Antonio and his altar boy Andrés... Andrés.

The Priest condemns violence,
He knows by experience that is not a solution,
He speaks to them of love and justice,
the news of God shining through his sermon

War found the priest one Sunday, in mass
handing out communion with his sleeves rolled up
Half way through the Lord’s Prayer the killer came in
and without confessing his guilt fired at him

Antonio fell holy bread in hand and without knowing why
Andrés died at his side without ever meeting Pelé
and between the screams and the astonishment, agonizing 
was the wooden Christ nailed to the wall.
and no one ever knew who the criminal was
who killed Padre Antonio and his altar boy Andrés

But the bells still ring, one, two, three
for Father Antonio and his altar boy, Andrés

The bells are tolling

and Earth is going to shake
For our America
Oh Virgin Lady
Who will save us now?
Central American
Listen to them calling
For my sister land
People waking up
For Antonio and Andrés
Hear it again
People are celebrating
On our new way
Central American
Let’s go, their calling us
To celebrate
Our identity
Because people united
Will never be defeated
For a good priest
Arnulfo Romero
Of liberty
For our America



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