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2 - Maestra Vida  

Music and Lyrics: Rubén Blades

All the facts condemn him
anecdotes and  memories talked about him
with his eyes clawed on the floor
suffering the bad tricks his life played on him

Ramiro walked through the neighborhood streets
the same corner with the same smell,
all the facts condemn him

Yet nobody talked about his loneliness,
about those years in jail
about the things he did and didn’t do,
of his eternal bad luck...
standing in the corner,

Ramiro answered questions that nobody asked him
after all, his only reward was old age,
the same reward his father Carmelo got,
the same reward his son Rafael would get.

It’s a night in May 1970
Ramiro is still on the corner, as always.

I arrived at your school without understanding why
in your rooms I’ve found a thousand roads and crossroads
and I learn a lot and I learn nothing.

I have sunny days, full of light and rain showers,
I have nights full of darkness and moons,
Times of assurance, of denial and doubts,
Between laughter and sadness,
searching for why and when.

Mistress life, of justice and injustice
Of kindness and evil, I still don’t get you,
Mistress life, most likely not forgiving,
I am searching among your hours for the mirror of time
to find your feelings and to finally understand you.

And  I saw thorns and roses
I saw beloved ones die,
I saw beauty and was witness
of evil and war.

I saw what is good on Earth
there I saw hunger and misery between drama and comedy
stay ahead between water and fire
I think about God first
only when on a deathbed
or sometimes when I am sad but never if I’m happy...

Gratefulness doesn’t last
to those who help us
‘cause when our struggle is over
we forget about the pain.
I have friends, acquaintances and enemies,
people who have loved me
and faces that refuse to look at me.

I came before death
and in her eyes it all made sense
and from within my fear
I learned to love you.

Now I know that nothing is for sure
and everything is temporary.
Death is the messenger
that comes in at the last hour

Death is the messenger
And time doesn’t stop
for love or money,
Death is the messenger
that comes in at the last hour

Death is the messenger
And time doesn’t stop
for love or money

Mistress life, I leave to go after time,
to see if I can find any answers,
before the time I die,
although I am learning to live with this fatal truth.

Mistress life my friend, gives and takes away, takes away and then gives back
Takes away and then gives back
Mistress life, comrade,
Takes away and then gives back
When you least expect it.
You get the surprise, my friend,
And time doesn’t stop
For love or money
death, my friend, death is the messenger
that comes in at the last hour
When Carmelo died
I was in such a deep pain
that I can’t find nothing in the world
to find any consolation...


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