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7 - Muévete

Lyrics: Rubén Blades
Music: Juan Fornell
Soneos: Rubén Blades

From the Caribbean to Soweto in Africa
goes our song as a salute,
to those who defend their right to freedom
and use truth as their shield.

Bullets cannot kill truth
when its defended by reason.
Let’s us all get together to stop evil;
Move with all your heart, here and there.


Everybody tries to find their own comfort,
and it’s been like this forever.
And the one who leads almost never looks back
to help those left behind.

But today, the need is here
to follow a different path;
And to lend each other a hand
to end racism and evil
is what our future depends upon.

Here and there, there and here,
And to lend each other a hand
to end racism and evil.
Everybody heads up
Move it Panamá

Move it, move it.

Move it Puerto Rico, with assurance.
Everybody heads up against evil
To end racism here and there.
Children want it, so does mom and dad.
People from every sphere of society are screaming for it...
People are asking for it, from every corner...
May all Latin America move it!
To save our time for what there is to come
We are still, still searching for America...


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