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Al Jarreau - may he rest in peace

by Luba Mason 

March 20, 1940 - Feb. 12, 2017

We lost one of our most versatile vocalists - crossing the boundaries of jazz, pop, soul, gospel and Latin with a unique improvisational dexterity AND one of the loveliest musicians that I have ever worked with.

What a great spirit he had in our recording session of "Moondance" just merely a year ago!
And here's a tidbit...when I asked his assistant what to send Al as a thank you gesture, his assistant replied, "Al LOVES SALAMI!" So I went to Zabar's in NYC and bought the best salami they had and mailed it to Al. He was flabbergasted that I knew he loved this product!

I said it once and I'll say it again, Al Jarreau is an institution! I was very fortunate to work with him and when watching him work, it was like being in a master class.
He was such a gift to me.
May he rest in peace with that beautiful, infectious smile he always wore.
He will be greatly missed...




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